Thanks for booking 30 days of coworking for $30.

We’ve just sent you an email with all the details (please check your Spam folder if it doesn’t arrive), but this how it works.

  1. Book your starting time and day from the calendar below. Don’t worry, you can change this later if need be.
  2. When you arrive, we’ll give you the grand tour, and can use your first day as a trial day.
  3. If you want to keep going for another 29 days, we’ll get you onboarded to our systems and you’ll pay $30 for coworking + $300 bond (which is refundable if/when your tenancy ends).
  4. The special gives you hotdesking from 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday. This means you may have a different desk each day, so you have to take your belongings home each day.
  5. Meeting room bookings are $30/hr + GST.

There are no catches, and there’s no auto-renew on your tenancy – if you want to stay on as a tenant after the special, the usual pricing and terms will apply.

Simply book your starting day and time here.