The Espresso Bar is the main entry to Revolver Lane and connects the building with Chapel Street. The Espresso Bar opens at 8.30am to greet both tenants and locals with fresh coffee, served at the fairest prices (because we can). An internal gold glass wall, set under the towering 7m ceilings, sends out golden reflections of the biggest, weirdest plants you’ve ever seen, and ever-changing art, fashion and objet popups. Delivery drivers, tenants’ guests, shoppers and coffee lovers converge in this modern, dynamic lobby.



  • Black coffee (including filter)
  • White coffee (all milks)
  • Disposable cups
  • Keepcups
  • Chilled sparkling / filtered water

Coffee is served from 8.30am until after lunch, Monday to Friday, and such other hours as we feel like opening up! Popup store times vary. Email for any queries.