• It’s a COVID safe work place

As always at Revolver Lane, we go above and beyond to create the best experience for our guests.
During this time, we’re trying our hardest to keep our space as clean and
safe as possible for the imminent return to work. We’re strictly following guidelines set out by
the World Health Organisation, WorkSafe Victoria and our Australian health authorities,
as well as introducing some of our own practices.

We are committed to providing a safe and clean workspace for our tenants and staff.
We love having you here so much that we have made it our top priority to take every precaution to ensure your health,
safety and wellbeing during the Covid-19 outbreak.

As much as we love collaborating and having a close-knit community of passionate workers,
we also have to be careful during these unprecedented times.
We are working around the clock so you have the safest workplace possible.
Here are some of the extra measures we’ve put in place:



We have freakish amounts of sanitiser stations at each entrance, exit and communal area of the building so you can be sure your hands are squeaky clean. We kindly ask everyone to sanitise and wash their hands on arrival and regularly throughout the day.



Don’t mind the maids! We are working tirelessly to continuously disinfect and sanitise all hard surfaces, door handles, water taps, light switches, countertops, desks and every other object in sight. We will provide disinfectant in each area of the building so you can disinfect yourself while we clean around you.



We have acquired cutting-edge temperature scanning technology so we can perform daily check-ups at Revolver Lane to ensure everyone’s safety. Please make sure you get your head checked before entering the space.



We’re strictly following the policies laid out by our government and health officials. It’s now compulsory to wear a mask whilst in communal spaces, so whilst in all communal spaces of Revolver Lane, we ask that you wear a face covering. As your desk is like your home, you’re allowed to remove it when seated.



All our fancy desks and suave furniture are socially distanced to comply with the current guidelines. Common areas have been rearranged so that you can still chat, but 1.5m apart. We have a strict social distancing policy in place in all areas of the building but that doesn’t mean you should lock yourself up hide from all the great people we host.



Please, do everyone a favor and stay home. If you’re feeling unwell, or if you’ve been around someone who has we ask that you take the day off and come back when you’re feeling better. Tenants and staff who feel unwell, have been exposed to a sick family member, friend or colleague are advised to stay home & not visit the workspace.

Our member only policy at Revolver Lane is important during this hard time and we want to make sure your safe.
So unfortunately we won’t be accepting any plus 1’s, 2’s or 3’s to party.
Once the restrictions ease, we will reassess our visitor policy and get back
to making magic with our friends and family.

Exceptions may be necessary, however they will need to be approved by Revolver Lane Management.

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